Device that allows your Home/Industrial appliance to keep running even when the primary power source is lost.

UPS/Inverters from 600VA to 10KVA & & Online UPS from 1KVA to 200KVA for Lighting & computer applications .During Mains power failure UPS/ Inverter provides Reliable & economical back up power for your Home, Office Shop, Clinic Etc, Its enhanced productivity with PWM technology makes compact, noiseless, fumeless, allowing to provide power for widest/mixed range of applications like PC, TV, lights, fans etc.


Latest DSP & Microprocessor controlled IGBT based PWM technique for excellent performance features.


SMPS constant voltage & current controlled with input power factor correction for optimal charging to increased battery life & low running costs.

Display Function

LCD with back light Monitoring all input and output parameters like, Battery voltage Charging, & discharging currents, percentage of loads, mains voltage & all system options.

Input Range

Widest input voltage range to operate on mains voltage variation up to 20% to provide conditioned power supply during long brown out conditions Batteries are used only when absolutely necessary, maximizing available backup time & extending battery life.

Alarm & Indications

Provide real time parameters on LCD, LED & Audio alarms, like battery low over loading or trip.

Special Features

  • Pure sine wave on- line power conditioner
  • Fully Automatic
  • In Built Protection From low & high Power surges in the main mode.
  • Ultra fast change over mains to inverter power.
  • Enhance battery life due to heavy duty sophisticated charger.
  • Extremely versatile can run PC , TV , FAX , Lights etc ., Simultaneously
  • Clean power for sensitive electronic loads , like computer ,Fax EPABX etc.
  • Overload and short circuit protection with Audio visual alarms.