Energy Meters

Energy Meters

Secure Meters Limited

Everyone wants to use energy more efficiently; by monitoring and reporting consumption, Secure empower people to make a real difference by reducing the energy they use. This helps them to reduce their impact on the environment and to safeguard energy supplies.

Bi directional meter

Bi directional meter- A single energy meter that can measure the flow of electricity in two directions ie. Import of Energy from the Grid and Export of surplus energy from a renewable energy plant to the grid.

We are authorised distributors for M/s. SML for supply of Bidirectional energy meters for SRTPV projects under Net Metering and Gross Metering schemes of all 5 Discoms in Karnataka – BESCOM, CESC, MESCOM, HESCOM and GESCOM.

Premier 300

digital-energy-meter-500x500  Premier is the family of CT/VT operated meters, which covers a wide range of power levels and offers flexible time-of-use tariff metering and communications capabilities. Premier 300 is the latest offering from this family having enhanced event detection facility and interoperable DLMS communication protocol. It is available in various accuracy classes and wiring configurations.

Bi Directional meters are now available for Solar Rooftop Projects across Karnataka.

Sprint 350 Energy Meters

Sprint 350 is an enhanced metering solution for three phase direct-connected installations. It is suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications. It has advanced revenue protection features, making it especially useful in areas where theft and fraud are prevalent.

Bi Directional meters are now available for your Solar Rooftop Projects across Karnataka.


Is the name of our family of single-phase direct connected ‘intelligent credit’ meters, stemming from our experience at the forefront of metering technology. I-Credit 350 is the latest member of this family, featuring enhanced tamper detection facilities and interoperable DLMS communication protocol.

ECD 210

ECD 210 is an intelligent modem for data transfer between an electronic energy meter and a central station over the GSM/GPRS communication network. Working in conjunction with base computer software (BCS) it provides a cost-effective solution for automatic meter reading (AMR). The modem can be programmed to automatically transmit SMS messages to the central station when certain metering events are detected. This extends the role of ECD 210 beyond traditional remote meter reading and into the realm of system integrity monitoring and surveillance.


Prodigy is a genuine innovation in the field of three-phase LV CT-operated metering. It is an integrated meter with built-in current transformers, eliminating the need for external CTs and accessories. Prodigy is based on the unique concept of thread through connections, which helps maintain overall system accuracy and revenue integrity.


Apex 100 / Apex 150 – advanced high-end precision meter, specifically designed for generation, transmission and consumer bulk power transfer points. It supports the ICS DLMS open data exchange protocol for ease of reading and for integration with other systems. Comprehensive connectivity to back-end systems for monitoring and billing is provided via various communication technologies.

Elite 440

Elite 440 is a multi-line three-phase digital panel meter for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical parameters (voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.) for industrial and commercial applications. It has a large multi-line backlit LCD display which enables four parameters to be displayed at the same time. Modbus communication capability allows easy integration with energy monitoring systems. Expansion modules can be fitted for enhanced system integration (pulse inputs/outputs or analogue output and ethernet.