IRO Supplies Heat Pump Water Heater To Indian Astronomical Observatory at Leh-Ladakh

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IRO Energy Solutions has reached an epic milestone, and it’s a milestone at 11,500 feet above sea level! We are proud to announce that we have been entrusted to provide hot water requirements of our hardworking scientists at the newly built Indian Astronomical Observatory building in Leh-Ladakh.

As the temperature in this area can drop down to as low as -25°C, it was a challenging task to meet the requirements of providing 24/7 hot water to the facility. Normal installations would require bulky electrical heaters which would  consume close to 8-9 units of electricity to heat 100 liters of water. This leads to huge bills on fuel charges as power is supplied using only diesel generators, till a solar rooftop power generation system is installed.  We were able to rise up to the challenge by providing a 1000 liter ‘Venus’ Heat Pump Water Heater which uses a EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) Technology with the capability to operate between -25°C to 45°C.  This system is highly energy efficient and consumes roughly 1 unit of electricity to heat 100 liters of water. This was more than enough to meet the requirements of over 40-50 scientists and the support staff at the observatory using the precious and scantily available resources at the location.

We hope to install Heat Pump Water Heater systems in more challenging locations across the country. If you have a 24/7 hot water requirement and need an energy efficient system to keep your bills low, do contact us at +91 8088445833 or our email: We are here to help you ‘Energise – Clean and Green!’ always.

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