About Us

“IRO ENERGY SOLUTIONS “is a Pioneer in offering innovative solutions that leverage Suns energy to address the ever increasing demand for electricity .Renewable energy resources such as solar power are becoming an increasingly valuable part of world’s energymix

Our vision

To be a socially responsible, fiscally prudent energy player harnessing the greatest visible energy source available to mankind – Sun.

Our Mission

Employ operational excellence and innovation to provide quality energy solutions.

Our Strength

  • We believe that the following competitive strength enable us to complete strongly and grow rapidly in the market.
  • Strategic and strong supplier relationships
  • Unique business model
  • Focus on end markets with high growth potential
  • Strong customer relationship

Our Strategy

  • Our objective is to become a world solar power solutions provider. And we intend to achieve this objective by pursuing the following strategies.
  • Expand our business lines and product offering.
  • Expand our manufacturing capacity to meet customer demand and enhance economies scale.


  • Energy metering and management solutions.
  • Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater
  • Solar water heater
  • Fat / Oil / Grease trap
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • Solar LED Lantern
  • UPS
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • Water level Controller


  • Wind mills from 1.8 Kw to 10.8 kw
  • Solar Grid tied Inverter
  • Energy Audit